Speed Training Guide

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Speed Training Guide


Improving your speed training is an important factor for any athlete, as it helps them boost their overall performance. Which is why no matter what sport you play, bring slightly or a great deal faster than your opponent can make all the difference in the world. Here we mention three tips that will help improve your speed training, allowing you the unique opportunity to leave your rivals in the dust. To help maximize results you must consume proper nutrition, and take part in recovery protocols.

  • Knees High – To make sure that you are running effectively and efficiently at a steady speed you must keep your knees high. The appropriate height is the height of your hips, so you can easily stretch farther. Additionally, this will allow you to bring your foot that is in the air behind more efficiently. You can start by taking part in some high-knee running exercises, and knee drills. These can include but are not limited to high knee tow up, walking high knees, full effort high knee walk/run, and high knee skipping march.
  • Strengthening Ankles – Powerful ankles can help you develop a great deal of speed when it comes to running. It is your ankle mobility and strength that prevents you from speed boosts. As weak ankles do not possess the ability to move back and forth with the complete natural range your body can allow. With the additional flexibility and power provided by powerful ankles, you can increase strength and improve mobility. The drills you can take part in are ankle bounces, standing squat jumps, bent knee calf stretch, ankle circles, straight leg calf stretch, and other speed training drills.
  • Running Tall – Many runners do not even realize that they have slouched shoulders. As most of us are hunched over our phone or computer all day, we do not realize that it is the natural position our body gets accustomed to. However, slouched shoulders are a great disadvantage for runners, and every runner must learn to run tall. This meaning keeping up with a straight back and your head up. Along with keeping your chin parallel to the ground, and chest out. To practice running tall you must take part in straight leg runs, running on your toes, and running on your toes into strides.

These three speed training workouts are the bases when it comes to speed training. However, they are incomplete with the perfect companion. Keeping in mind that you are looking for an edge over the others you need to be faster than what these basic trainings have to offer. Which is why you must pair them with a speed training parachute.

The speed training parachute is designed according to the aerodynamic principles and offers kinematic resistance. Allowing you the ability to run towards your goal while being pushed back. This way when you run without the parachute, you will be able to achieve a faster pace.

To achieve the best results pair the above-mentioned speed training tips with a speed training parachute, and you will be able to see the amazing difference it makes it your overall speed.

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