Runners knee: How to deal with the pain?

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Runners knee: How to deal with the pain?


Running is a great way to stay active, and is an activity that is enjoyed by both athletes and active individuals who wish to stay in shape. There are numerous reasons why one enjoys running, these range from releasing endorphins in your system to taking in the beautiful outdoors and much needed fresh air. However, one of the main problems with running is associated with runners knee. A common phenomenon that comes up when you are a regular runner. However, one thing you must keep in mind is that runners knee is not limited to runners, it is a broad term used to describe the condition most active individuals who suffer from knee problems.

What Causes a Runners Knee?

  • Overuse – bending your knee over and over again, or taking part in a great deal of high-stress exercise that involves your knee can lead to a patellofemoral pain syndrome, known as runner´s knee. As most strength training can irritate the tissue around your kneecap and lead to a great deal of pain.
  • Bones – If your hip bone and ankles are not in the correct position then it can put a great deal of pressure on certain areas of your leg, especially your kneecaps. This is because your knees are the joining system that combines your lower legs and upper legs, making them a key component in your movements.
  • Feet Problem – If the joints in your feet move around more than they should then it can lead to knee pain. This is a common problem seen in many patients, which mostly is associated with individuals who have a flat foot.
  • Thigh Muscles – If your thigh muscles are weak or unbalanced then they won’t be able to keep your kneecap in place. So naturally when you stretch or bend your knee the weak thigh muscles won’t be able to place them in the right spot.

How To Deal With Runners Knee?

A knee strap can help keep your kneecap in place, so you can relieve the pain caused by runners knee. This comfortable knee support strap is designed to offer your kneecap natural movement by taking the shock absorption. Which helps ensure that your kneecap is set in place even when you are moving around. The knee patellar support will help ensure that you can relieve yourself from runners knee pain. Allowing you to enjoy an effective and reliable solution to your knee related problems.

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