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Post Running Food Vegan


The verdict is in, there is no need to eat meat to gain muscles. Long gone are the days when vegans were considered weak. As they have taken the world by a storm and won a number of world records to show their strength. Same goes for vegan runners, who now have access to vegan foods to fuel their body. Which is why keeping the importance of post running food consumption, here is a list of  great post running food vegan.

While your pre-running snacks and foods should be focused on carbs and some protein. Your post-running snacks and foods are highly focused on protein and crabs. Consuming carbs after a run will help refuel your system and start muscle healing. Which is why you need about 10 t 20 grams of both carbs and proteins within 20 to 30 minutes of your running session.

To help you out we have listed down the top ten vegan post-running food:

  • Smoothie – One of the quickest ways to refresh is with a nice fresh blend of a fruit smoothie with a bit of nut/soy milk, and just a few tablespoons of coconut/soy yogurt. An easy to make a smoothie that tastes delicious, and is perfect for summers.
  • Peanut Butter – Consuming organic and non-processed peanut butter is essential for runners. As it helps boost your overall health, body strength and keeps you going for a longer period of time. Simply apply a layer on a whole grain toast or crackers to enjoy a quick post running snack.
  • Nuts – During the winter season, you can indulge yourself in a handful of fresh/dried fruits and nuts. A combination of both works perfectly and makes a delicious snack in minutes.
  • Tofu Mix – If you are looking for a proper meal after your run, you can try the tofu mix. It includes tofu and vegetable with basmati rice. However, keep your portions managed, as they will set your body working system.
  • Beans – If you love beans, then you can enjoy a small tin of chickpeas, baked beans, or any other beans of your choice. These will offer your body some much-needed protein and carbs.
  • Wrap – If you are craving a wrap, then take on its healthy substitute. A salad wrap with tabbouleh and hummus pairs up wonderfully with a glass of soy milk. Creating a complete meal that is fulfilling in both aspects.
  • Oat Balls – Making oat balls is easy, and they make for a powerful and delicious post-workout snack. Take come oats, top them with soy yogurt, chopped nuts, chia seeds, and mix them well. Roll them into small balls and enjoy them as you go. Additionally, you can even make a fresh bowl and eat them with berries.

These post running foods for vegans are designed keeping their body’s needs in mind. So they too can enjoy the benefits meat eaters do, but without having to consume any meat. By simply sticking to a healthy and fulfilling vegan diet you can easily keep up with your long and intense runs.

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