Best Meat For Runners

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Best Meat For Runners

The best meat for runners is protein-rich dark and red meats. As they can help boost your health while offering your muscles some necessary strength.


If you have been eating one or two chicken breasts during dinner or lunchtime, you must be a runner. Chicken breasts are low-fat protein and one of the best meat for runners when trying to control your weight and offering your body energy. It is not just stakes and pork that offer you good health and boost when rebuilding muscles, chicken can help you achieve your journey.


It is common to crave a juicy steak after a long run. In such a case you can go for a 3.5 ounce serving of beef. This will cover the body’s daily requirement of zinc, mineral, and immune system. Keep in mind that when you are running on a daily basis it will break down your red blood cells, and your body will require more iron than usual. Additionally, you will need a healthy dosage of Vitamin B to keep your body fuel when training. Lucky for you, both iron and vitamin B can easily found in beef taken from grass-fed cows. Along with a powerful boost of omega-3, antioxidants, vitamin E, and other nutritional components.

Dark Meat Chicken:

You will be happy to know that the juicy meat found around chicken wings, thighs, and legs is not off limits. Keeping in mind that a 3.5-ounce breast piece contains 161 calories, while a 3.5-ounce dark meat chicken piece contains 200 calories. However, dark meat has more fat, but these four grams are saturated fat. In addition, when you compare bland breasts to flavor and juice packed dark meat you will be able to consume more iron and zinc. So if you love dark meat, then there is nothing wrong with having a well-proportioned serving.


Lamb is a great source of healthy omega-3 but is hardly consumed by more people around the world. Keep in mind that the omega-3 found in the lamb depends on the lamb’s diet, so you will have to buy organic or pasture-fed lamp pieces. By eating grass-fed red meats which include lamb thrice in one week can help increase the levels of omega-3 in your bloody. On the other hand, it will decrease the inflammatory omega-6 levels as well.


It is the ideal substitute for chicken lovers, as when you compare it when chicken breasts. A serving of tenderloin contains 13% fewer calories while offering your body the same amount of fat. Additionally, it is an excellent source of vitamin B6 and can help your body metabolize carbs & proteins to help produce more energy during exercise. This will allow you to push yourself a little harder, and gain more energy during a run. Allowing you the opportunity to expand your stamina.

Turkey Pastrami:

If your heart is stuck on turkey sandwiches, then you can start turning yourself towards turkey pastrami. These slices have been cured using seasonings, and later smoked. The process packs them with flavor and allows you to enjoy a delightful meal. One of two ounces of turkey pastrami offers two milligrams of energy packed iron. However, deli meats are known to contain higher sodium, but runners are not required to watch their sodium levels. This is mainly because they lose a great deal of sodium when sweating. The best time to eat half a sandwich of pastrami is after a run, as it offers a powerful recovery process filled with carbs, salt, and protein.

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