Altitude Training?

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Altitude Training?


There is a reason why most professional athletes run towards the hills when their training session starts. It is because the altitude difference allows them to train harder and perform better. Numerous studies and research claims that training in a high altitude environment can help boost your overall body performance, and leave you with a fit and enhanced performance.

What is Altitude Training?

Altitude training or altitude training is when you take part in an activity that is 7000 to 8000 feet above sea level. The range can be higher, but the higher you go the lower the altitude will be. For instance, low altitude starts at 4000 feet above sea level, meaning you will start to feel pressure when breathing. It is normal to draw in less oxygen when you are in a high altitude environment, so naturally, your muscles will receive less oxygen. Where many might fear it’s a negative impact, research shows that high altitudes offer thin air that can enhance your athletic performance.

What are the Advantages of High Altitude Training?

When training in a high altitude environment you will feel more pressure on your body, working your muscles harder than usual. This process pushes perceived exertion caused by altitude change, which leads to burning fuel and creating more energy for your muscles to use.

Once your body adjusts to altitude training it will automatically offer your muscles a natural boost when performing at a lower altitude. This is the power of additional oxygen level found on lower altitudes and boosts performance by 1 to 2 percent. This small boost is the perfect edge you need to cut through and win!

How To Achieve High Altitude Traning At a Lower Altitude Level?

An elevation mask can help you achieve a high altitude training at a lower altitude level. Wearing the mask during a workout session can help achieve the impact of high altitude training that offer your thinner oxygen, that offers a lower level of oxygen to your muscles. Additionally, the mask comes with a six-level of resistance valve system so you can increase and improve the condition of your lungs.

It is simple and easy to use this mask that comes with a comfortable and lightweight design. You can adjust its non-slippery training strap to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Furthermore, you must choose a mask and it’s intensity based on your body weight and type of training you wish to take on.

Additional Benefits Offered:

  • Increase in lung capacity.
  • Enhanced cardiac abilities.
  • Improve oxygen absorption level.
  • Boost muscle strength.
  • Increase mental & physical endurance.
  • Boost training concentration level.

The high altitude training mask can be worn when taking part in any sport, or strength training exercise. So you can enjoy a different training pleasure which can help you boost your performance levels, along with overall capabilities. Use the elevation mask to give your body the extra boost in performance it needs to get ahead!

January 12, 2019
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